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Here’s some random facts – and in true pokie algorithm fashion, these are the most sporadically random facts you’ll ever see in one place. See you on the other side*
*Try not to get your tongue caught on your elbow – it has been known to happen!*

A pokie machine is never due to payout. Payouts are completely random and the % of a pokie machines payout is based over a lifetime.

The amount of money and type of coins you put in a pokie will not change the amount that is paid out

Playing pokies faster will does not change the way it will pay out

Hot coins or cold coins do not change payout chances. This is simply a myth

The pokies have millions of possible outcomes

Pokies use a RNG (random number generator). This ensures every spin is random and fair. The pokie will randomly choose its reels the very second you press the button or pull the handle. Before this point it does not know what it will show next. Pressing 1 second later would change the outcome to one second before.
Learn more about HOW POKIES WORK by following this link HERE

The above point means that if you walk away from the machine and someone else goes on and spins once and gets the jackpot, that jackpot would probably have not been won by you as the second you press the button determines the outcome of the reels.

From looking at a machine it is impossible to tell which machine has the highest payout percentage

Pokies allowing higher wagers are likely to payout higher wins as they are accumulating more money

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Increase Your Odds & Win At Pokies

The Secret To Winning Slots And Pokies Is…


One thing that I have come to notice about the various pokies that I frequently play at my local club and pub is the fact they are all based on a small selection of lines or systems. And understanding these systems reveals that there is ALWAYS a favourable way to bet (in terms of lines, multiplier, method, timing, variance) but unless you study the game, the wins, the randomes of it all – you will never have the information needed to arm yourself with the winning multiplier and line combination. So next time you play a pokie, whether for real money at your local pub or through our Online Casino Spin Palace or Jackpot City (see reviews here)  I strongly suggest you spend some time ‘practising’ and as you do…

Look at the combination of lines against the multiplier, and look at the high paying jackpots and value of getting 3 of a kind versus 5 of a kind. …. because what will reveal itself is a way you can maximise the amount you are multiplying with each press whilst keeping the odds in your favour by keeping the most relevant lines in play.

See my 243 Reel Ways to Win at Pokies to Learn The Whole Secret

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More Slot Machine Secrets Revealed!

The trick to winning on the pokies and learning how to beat slot machines and swing the odds in your favour lies inside the machine, deep within the computer algorithm that controls the output with each press.

Therefore it is fair to say that the secrets are in fact INSIDE the computer.

slot machine secrets are inside the computer


Is Playing the Pokies Becoming More Than a ‘Pleasurable Punt’?

gambling addiction is no laughing matter

learn to recognise the warning signs of problem gambling

If this sounds all too familiar then perhaps you need to take a break from the machines for a while. #Justsaying

Quitting While You’re Ahead (Or Slightly Behind)

Sometimes it’s hard to know when to stop playing or even when to set your limit, this will always depend on how much you want to risk for that “jackpot” win. Pokie games, Blackjack and Roulette all have different game play but always have that “special” run. When it finishes, that’s the best indication when to stop.

Emotions get the better of us

Most online gamblers will tell you that they love the thrill of winning, and won’t stop until they do. This is sign of a bad gambler because they will let the emotions of the game make the judgements on games, when the simple percentage play is the best option.

Learning to leave or reduce your bets

When the machine starts to take credits, its usually not planning to give you anything. When this occurs its best to learn to stop and move onto a new machine OR reducing your bet. Sometimes emotions gets the better of us and learning it’s “time” will always benefit you.

Jackpots and Free Spins

Chasing for the pokie free spins or jackpots is sometimes fun, but remember that the payout for one of these are most likely smaller than the amount you put into the machine. Although if you hit an awesome jackpot with little credit spend then it would be worthwhile. Just remember getting a jackpot or bonus free spin isn’t always a sure win.

Moral of the story – stop chasing that feature, it’s as elusive as the dragon all those junkies are chasing, and trust me when I tell you this is one race you do NOT want to get involved in.


dont chase the feature or you will never win pokies


Casino Heists and Mega Jackpot Wins

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Best Pokie (N)Ever Made

The Flamin’ Gallah Alf Stewart inspired pokie is the most iconically Australian and downright hilarious pokie I have ever …..created from my own head. This pokie should be made immediately!

Flamin’ Gallah Pokies. The Perfect Punt at Home & Away

play alf stewart pokies - when they make it